Episode 46

Published on:

5th Dec 2023

The Maple and the Blue - Partick Larsimont


Patrick Larsimont, an author of World War II aviation thrillers, discusses his background and writing process. He shares the story of his protagonist, Jock's McNabb, a young Scottish kid who becomes a fighter pilot during World War II. Patrick's military background and experience as an intelligence officer in the Air Force inform his writing. He talks about his transition to writing and the inspiration behind his books. Patrick also discusses his writing routine, marketing strategies, and the importance of telling forgotten stories from the war.


Patrick Larsimont's World War II aviation thrillers focus on forgotten stories and untold perspectives of the war.

His military background and experience as an intelligence officer in the Air Force influence his writing.

Patrick follows a disciplined writing routine and aims to write 1,200 words per day.

He utilizes social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for marketing and connecting with readers.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:08 The Story of Jock's McNabb

03:31 The Lightning and the Few

06:37 Patrick's Military Background

08:00 Transition to Writing

09:16 Writing Process and Books

13:15 Writing Routine and Word Count

18:09 Marketing and Social Media

20:15 Family's Reaction to Writing Career

23:15 Self-Publishing and Royalties

26:17 Telling Forgotten Stories

29:22 Baedeker Raids and Troop Staging

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